RV Fit Yet?

If you’re like us, life in lockdown has really been a disruption. Since we’ve been avoiding unnecessary travel and even outings during the pandemic, our activity levels have definitely taken a hit. Boredom, easy access to comfort/junk food, canceled running events (thus, lack of motivation),

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Adding Adventure to Our Adventures

When Sandy and I began discussing plans for our Alaska trip next summer, one of the things we really wanted to do was cross the Arctic Circle and make it all the way to the Arctic Ocean. Since we were not able to make this trip during our first Alaska/Canada adventure in 2016, it ranked high on our priority

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New Horizons (aka The Origins of dtw.life)

Many of you have followed my story at fatmanontherun.com and you may have noticed I have been AWOL for a few months on the blog. Nothing wrong here, I’ve just been thinking a lot about where that blog was headed and what expectations were for the future. I kinda feel like the transformation story 

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