Sandy and I have a decal on our motorhome that is an outline of the US (and Canada). The map starts off blank, but each time you visit a different state, you affix that state’s sticker (which are also included in the package), until you fill (hopefully) the entire map. It’s been a fun challenge to work on filling up the map, and it’s a good conversation starter when you meet new people on the road.

With this in mind, Sandy and I started thinking it would be fun to try and do a race in each of the 50 states. We already have a few we could mark off the map, but have plenty left to bag. But what rules would we implement? Just running in each state wouldn’t be much more challenging than visiting the state. For our motorhome map, we must stay at least overnight in the motorhome to be able to mark off that state. Driving through, or a day trip does not qualify. So we began thinking about having a distance stipulation. We know there are clubs for all distances, but you have to pick a single distance ( or Once we started looking at some races we really wanted to do, we realized that sticking to a single distance or type (road, trail, tri) of event would be difficult. So we decided that maybe it would be fun to do the signature race in each of the states. Sounds fun, right? Wanna join us?

There are quite a few lists out there, even one by The Weather Channel, of “Bucket List Races”. Others seemed to be based more on the most challenging race in each state, like this one from The Culture Trip. These are great starting points, but I would like to hear from you guys. What’s the “must do” race in your state? What races have you done in other states that you would recommend? Below is a list of what we have done so far. Yes, we have a long way to go! And no, we have no qualms about repeating a state. Florida for instance, obviously Dopey is a bucket list thing, but there are many other races we’d like to do in Florida, so we’ll call that check mark only “penciled in” for now. 🙂

  • Alaska – North Pole, AK – The Jingle Bell Run
  • California – Acampo, CA – Turkey Trot for Teal 5K
  • Colorado – Pueblo, CO – Hot to Trot 5k
  • Florida – Walt Disney World – The Dopey Challenge (and others)
  • Georgia – Atlanta, GA – Peachtree Roadrace 10k
  • Kansas – (started) The Mother Road Half Marathon
  • Missouri – (finished) The Mother Road Half Marathon
  • Louisiana – Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans 5k & Half Marathon (with Team Charlie and MTT Wings of Texas) & The Shamrockin’ 8k
  • Texas (our home state, so we have this one pretty well covered…but suggestions are always welcome)
  • Nevada – Las Vegas, NV – Rock ‘n’ Roll 10k and Half Marathon & the Santa Claus Run

So there ya have it. Looking forward to your suggestions, discussion… and offers to join us in our quest!

Happy running!

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